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nV|Aero Acquires Diehl Aero-Nautical's KR Division


For Immediate Release
September 14th, 2009

More Products than Ever Before for the KR

Today nV|Aerospace announced its acquisition of Diehl Aero-Nautical's KR Division. This acquisition will greatly expand nV|Aero's product offerings to include Diehl's popular landing gear and wing skins.

New Products

With an already robust product offering, the acquisition of the Diehl Aero-Nautical's KR Division will provide customers with many options that were not previously available. Most notabley, this provides customers with a single source for their KR kits, parts, and components. These new products will be availabe as standard features or options with the new nV|Aero KR kits. "Our Research and Development Team is aggresively evaluating and incorporating the best of both the Rand and Diehl acquisitions into our current KR kits.", said the Director of Research and Development for nV|Aero, North America.

Here are just a few of the new products now offered by nV|Aero with this acquisition:

  • Wing Skins (Original KR-2/S RAF-48 Airfoil)
  • Tail Skins for the KR-2
  • Diehl Landing Gear for the KR-2/S (Tail wheel and Tri-Gear Configurations)
  • Cowlings for the KR-1, KR-2 and KR-2S
  • Wheel Pants for the KR-2/S
  • Wheel Pant Fairings for the KR-2/S
  • Turtle Decks for the KR-2
  • Composite Prop Hubs and Bulkheads

It's an exciting time for KR enthusiasts. With the entire line of nV|Aero products, a KR can be built in a fraction of the time it once took. These pre-fabricated components are stronger, lighter, and cleaner than a scratch built project. These benefits significantly improve the time it takes to build the aircraft, the overall weight of the aircraft, its flight characteristics, and operating costs. It's a great time to build a KR!

For more information about the KR line of aircraft click here.

If you would like more information regarding this topic, please contact the nV|Aero Public Relations department at info@nvaero.com or call 1.800.515.4811.

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