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Fast Build Fuselages Are Coming Soon


For Immediate Release
July 6th, 2009

nV|Aero Begins Prototyping New Fast Build KR-2S Fuselage

A spokesperson from nV|Aerospace announced today that they had begun building a prototype Fast Build fuselage for the KR-2S. This is a major breakthrough for builders wanting to kick start their project while shaving several months off their overall construction time.

Not only will this fuselage save time but due to current manufacturing technologies and professional tooling, the end product will be more consistent, reliable and guaranteed to work with all of nV|Aero's KR-2S Fast Build kits.

Key Design Concepts

"With the original KR-2S being penned in 1992, we wanted to update the design a bit but preserve the trademark KR look.” said the Director of Research and Development for nV|Aerospace. Structurally, the nV|Aero Fast Build fuselage will be consistent with the original plans but provide a more esthetically pleasing profile. As you can see from the drawing below, the lines are more fluid and streamlined.

nV|Aero Fast Build Fuselage Prototype Side Profile

Esthetics wasn’t the only improvement to this new design. nV|Aero wanted to create additional room in the cockpit, so they added more than two inches to the width. At an overall measurement of 40 inches, this upgrade provides increased comfort for two adult passengers. The fuselage dimensions and profile can be seen in the construction photo(s) below.

nV|Aero Fast Build Fuselage Under Construction

What's In the Box?

The nV|Aero Fast Build fuselage will fundamentally ship as a completed "boat", less a few small tasks for the builder. The sides will be built and skinned. The top and bottom cross members will be installed, with the bottom section skinned. All doublers and firewall attach points will be installed and ready to receive the firewall. Finally, a plywood stiffener will be installed at the aft most fuselage station (per plans) to assist the builder in installing their horizontal and vertical stabilizers, ensuring proper placement and alignment.

What Will I Need to Complete?

To comply with the 51% rule, nV|Aero's Product Development team has carefully chosen tasks that give the builder the most flexibility and value for their project. The aft side skins are provided but not installed to allow the builder better access to install their flight controls. Additionally, the tail post is provided but not installed to reduce crating and shipping costs for the builder. The seat back cross member is provided but not installed, allowing the builder more flexibility to install it based on their height and personal preference. The builder will need to cut holes for the forward and aft center spar locations and install the vertical reinforcements once the spars are installed in the fuselage. The spruce for the vertical reinforcements is provided with the spar kit. Finally, the firewall materials are provided but not installed.

The Fuselage is Complete. Now What?

Once you have installed the tail post and firewall you are ready to move on to your flight controls and empennage.

  • nV|Aero’s Group 2 kit includes: preassembled forward and aft center spars with Wing Attach Fittings (WAFS), an empennage kit consisting of all the spruce required for the tail section, pre-molded tail skins, AN hardware, hinge kit, cables and pulleys, rudder peddle assembly, flap handle assembly and a single control stick assembly (dual control stick is optional).

Now it’s ready to be put on the gear.

  • nV|Aero’s Group 3 kit includes: Hydraulic wheels and brakes, Diehl Main Landing Gear (Tail Wheel configuration, Tri-Gear is an option), Aluminum kit and Push Rod Kit.

With it on its gear, things are starting to take shape. It’s time to build the wings.

  • nV|Aero’s Group 4 kit includes: Preassembled outer spars, pre-molded center and outer wing skins and vinylester epoxy to laminate the skins to the spars and plyfoam ribs.

On the home stretch, you will install the top decks and canopy, really making this project look like an airplane.

  • nV|Aero’s Group 5 kit includes: Pre-molded turtle deck, canopy frame, forward deck, canopy and piano hinge kit.

Finally, rounding out the project with the some final touches.

  • nV|Aero’s Finishing kit includes: Cowling (for your choice of engine), wheel pants and fairings, header tank, composite spinner, spinner bulkhead and canopy latches.

Now on to the good stuff. You will put in your choice of engine, prop, instruments, avionics and interior. There is a broad range of both certified and experimental/auto conversion engines that can be used in this aircraft. Which ever you choose, nV|Aero has cowlings to support most current applications. Instruments and avionics can be as simple as a six pack or as aggressive as a fully blown IFR configuration.

In summary, compared to other platforms the KR-2S Fast Build fuselage comes in at nearly $7,000 below their competition, making it a great value for a competitively performing two seat aircraft. This makes the KR-2S a fiercely competitive and practical platform, not to mention the overall low cost to build and operate. A Smart Choice if you are looking for the most value for your money in terms of time to build, cost to own and cost to operate! It's a great time to build a KR!

For more information about the KR line of aircraft click here.

If you would like more information regarding this topic, please contact the nV|Aero Public Relations department at info@nvaero.com or call 1.800.515.4811.

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