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A New Era for the KR after 37 Years of Flying


For Immediate Release
June 5th, 2009

nV|Aero Becomes the Exclusive Manufacturer for the KR Line of Aircraft

Today nV|Aerospace, a multi-national aircraft component manufacturer and custom fabricator, acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the KR line of aircraft kits.

In addition to becoming the exclusive manufacturer, nV|Aero has obtained all Rand-Robinson tooling, inventory and technical designs/drawings for weldments, castings and other KR parts. This will ensure existing KR builders will have continued support and component availability. "As nV|Aero improves on the existing design, we will make every effort to ensure the new components are backward compatible and retrofitable for their finished projects.", stated nV|Aerospace's Director of Research and Development, North American Division.

Steve Glover, CEO of nV|Aerospace said, "This acquisition will usher in a new era for the KR aircraft." Leveraging current manufacturing technologies and nV|Aero's experience as custom fabricators, they will be offering fast build kits that can reduce build time by 60 to 70%. Utilizing these kits, customers will be able to build their aircraft faster, cheaper and more reliable than ever before. With these new products, the total cost of ownership is lower than any other kit on the market.

History of the KR

Ken Rand first built his KR-1 in 1972. He pioneered a construction system which is now "state of the art" technology and used extensively throughout the aviation industry. The ease of shaping compound curves produces fast, clean surfaces that any novice builder can master.

The KR-2 was later developed as a high speed, two place side-by-side monoplane with removable wings that can be built as a tri-gear or tail wheel aircraft.

In the early 1990's the KR-2S was born which is larger than the original KR-2 offering more leg room and better pitch stability. Its stylish raked canopy and fixed landing gear give it a racy appearance that is only exceeded by its performance. The KR-2S will accommodate engines including the VW 2180, Corvair 2700, and Continental O-200.

The Design

The design intent was to provide the best performance possible with the power plant options available. The cost and construction time for achieving this goal was minimized by using a combination of wood, polyurethane or PVC foam, fiberglass cloth and epoxy resins. The result is a structurally strong, clean, hard surface and exceptionally fast airplane.

The construction time was condensed drastically with the availability of pre-molded fiberglass top decks and wing skins. This option has made it possible for builders to complete their projects 30 to 40% faster. This means less time building and more time flying. It provides customers with a nice blend of the joy and benefits of building and the satisfaction of finishing and flying their project in a reasonable time frame.

The KR line of aircraft has been an enduring design for more than 37 years with more than 1000 KR's flying worldwide. With nearly four decades of proven reliability, this aircraft has more than proven its sustainability and with a solid history and dedicated support group, the KR aircraft is a welcome addition to the nV|Aero family of products and services. It's a great time to build a KR!

For more information about the KR line of aircraft click here.

If you would like more information regarding this topic, please contact the nV|Aero Public Relations department at info@nvaero.com or call 1.800.515.4811.

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